Journal Articles

The Role of Rebates in Public Support for Carbon Taxes” with Matto Mildenberger, Mark Paul, and Isabelle Stadelmann-Steffen. Environmental Research Letters, 2022. (Data & programs)

Neoliberalism and Climate Change: How the Free-Market Myth Has Prevented Climate Action” with Mark Paul. Ecological Economics, 2022.

Opening the Farm Gate to Women? Sustainable Agriculture in the United States” with Mark Paul. Journal of Economics Issues, 2020. (PERI working paper 422)

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The Impact of a Carbon Tax on Inequality” with Mark Paul. Ecological Economics, 2019. (PERI Working Paper 434, accepted manuscript, data & programs)

Work Hours and CO2 Emissions: Evidence from U.S. Households” with Mark Paul and Anthony Underwood. Review of Political Economy, 2019. (accepted manuscript, data & programs)

Does Sharing Backfire? A Decomposition of Household and Urban Economies in CO2 Emissions” with Anthony Underwood. Energy Policy, 2018.

Is There a Future for Sharing? A Comparison of Traditional and New Institutions.” Journal of Institutional Economics, 2018. (accepted manuscript)

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Does Craigslist Reduce Waste?  Evidence from California and Florida.” Ecological Economics, 2017. (accepted manuscript

Sticky Norms, Endogenous Preferences, and Shareable Goods.” Review of Social Economy, 2016. (UMass working paper)

Game Theory and Climate Diplomacy” with Stephen DeCanio. Ecological Economics,  2013.

Economic Feasibility of the Path to Zero Net Carbon Emissions” with Stephen DeCanio. Energy Policy, 2011. (E3 working paper)

Published Reports

Transcending Neoliberalism: How the Free-Market Myth Has Prevented Climate Action” with Mark Paul. The Roosevelt Institute, 2019.

Decarbonizing the US Economy: Pathways Toward a Green New Deal” with Mark Paul and J.W. Mason. The Roosevelt Institute, 2019.

Disrupting the Dirty Economy: A Progressive Case for a Carbon Dividend” with Mark Paul. People’s Policy Project, 2018.